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Underfloor Heating Solutions For Conservatories
February 8, 2016
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March 23, 2016
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The Value of Accredited Conservatory Installers

The Value of Accredited Conservatory Installers

Resolving Problems with Conservatory Installers

After paying out hard earned money for the cost of your new conservatory, the last thing you would expect is to encounter any problems. But occasionally, that’s what is going to happen to somebody at some point, especially if you are thinking of building it yourself.

Whilst problems can be, in most cases, easily rectified there are some instances where the buyer & the contractor just can’t come to an agreement, It maybe about  who does what & who carries the cost of the remedial work. In cases like this it would have been prudent at outset and used a DGCOS certified company.

DGCOS is the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme, broadly a quality assurance consumer protection trade body. Their purpose is to provide consumers with a high level of support by creating a membership of competent, professional, reputable & ethical companies.

The Value of Accredited Conservatory InstallersKEY PROTECTION FEATURES

Homeowners using a DGCOS registered installer will receive:

  • Deposit protection
  • Stage payment protection
  • Guarantees that are underwritten

Basically, if you have a real problem DGCOS is on hand to make sure that the problem is looked into and sorted out.

You also have access to:

  • Independent inspections
  • Mediation
  • The Ombudsman
  • A fund for compensation
  • Free advice via a consumer “hotline”

What to do when you encounter a real issue with Conservatory Installers

Clearly the first step is to call DGCOS advice line (0800 195 9433) to commence the process.

If your problem is difficult enough, you could then enter the mediation process which DGCOS claims has resolved 87% of all complaints. 12% went through to the Ombudsman to resolve the problems, but the good news about that is it does not incur fees or costs and is infinity better that going to court (DGCOS don’t specify what happened with the missing 1%!)

Whilst trouble free installations are “the norm”, having an ally such as this trade association behind you could, as they say, be priceless.