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Period Conservatories

Edwardian, Georgian (sometimes known as Regency Conservatories) & Victorian installations are often known as Period Conservatories, as they reflect what is considered to be the prevailing style during the relevant period where King Edward 7th, King George (1st to 4th) or Queen Victoria were the heads of state in the UK.

All of these conservatories offer intricacies in design, some even quite Gothic in appearance. Victorian rooms can often be seen as rounded or faceted, Georgian are generally square (or cubic) with Edwardian quite often found in rectangular shapes.

Having said that, there is no reason why the floor plan for any of these designs can be as you choose, but keeping the proportions in balance is important.

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Period Conservatory Styling

Unlike the Lean-to Conservatory which has a single flat plane roof, these designs will have vaulted roofing, sometimes quite complex – this is a point to bear in mind when building a “larger” example as the further apart the supporting walls are set the more it will influence the roofing and can easily lead to a bulky & disproportionate “top- heavy” look if attention is not paid in the design stages.

More often than not these conservatories will feature “dwarf walls” and rarely be glass from floor to ceiling. They lend themselves well to the use of arched window glazing & decorative cresting.

Other Features

  • High Security locks
  • Low- level brickwork or dwarf walls
  • Roofing / ceiling vents (powered or manual)
  • French doors / Tilt & Turn Doors
  • UPVC Wood grain frames
  • Up to 28mm argon gas filled double glazed panels
  • Toughened safety glass & low emissivity glass
  • Lantern & atrium style roofing
  • Internal underfloor heating
  • Aluminium / Hardwood / Engineered Wood / UPVC

Other Considerations

You may find that if you are short of space that these designs are not so suited for your home, even if the style of your property is well matched – for example, a small faceted Victorian Conservatory could give you a headache when it comes to positioning furniture (curved walls) – these rooms look better when there is a good space to build them on.

If you are considering a medium to large size conservatory, then it will be prudent to check with your local authority with regard to needing planning permission. In general conservatories are considered permitted developments and can be built in England & Wales without planning permission, but the dimensions & materials must be within certain guidelines – some of which are discussed here.

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