Orangery Conservatories

Featuring some of the most amazing designs, this style of room can make huge difference to your home.

Often quite large, with brick pillars & columns Orangeries are probably the top of the range when it comes to home improvements of this type.

With atrium roofing, pillars and room to fit panoramic bi-fold doors, Orangery Conservatories can be quite spectacular.

It’s worthwhile bearing in mind that as Orangery Conservatories tend to be on the larger side & more complex, you should check out the planning permission requirements in your area beforehand as it may not meet all of the requirements to build it without prior consent – see more here.

orangery conservatories


In terms of the Windows & Doors, there is a wide range from which to choose, including uPVC wood-grain or dual coloured inner & outer frames.

Of course you could use traditional hardwoods or even go down the route of using an engineered or synthetic wood which has the benefits of very long life, environmental friendliness and lower maintenance issues than other woods.


Fully secure multi-point locks on doors and locking catches on window openers mean that you can be confident that your conservatory is not a weak point for intruders & you can also include toughened safety glass in vulnerable areas.

Other Conservatory Features

  • Multi-point locks
  • Low- level brickwork & pillars
  • Roofing / ceiling vents (powered or manual)
  • Multi panel bi-fold doors / French doors /
  • Wood grain effect or smooth, coloured frames
  • Up to 28mm argon gas filled double glazed panels
  • Toughened safety glass & low emissivity glass
  • Lantern & atrium style roofing
  • Extended veranda rooflines,
  • internal underfloor heating
  • independent or attached to the main building

Conservatory Roofing

Most orangery roofing styles incorporate a ‘lantern’ type central glass area within a flat roof.

An alternative to glass for the lantern area are poly-carbonate panels. The latest panels can be almost shatter-proof and weigh 1/10th of a similar double glazed panel. They also come in a few different shades such as bronze, opal or clear.

A major advantage of using poly-carbonate is the lightweight structure of the panels, which may save on the amount of strengthening needed to support the roof & therefore possible lower the overall installation cost.

You Can Add Value to Your Home With A New Orangery

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