Garden Rooms

Sun Rooms & Garden Rooms.

There are excellent options to create added living space with Sun Rooms & Garden Rooms, as both can be self-contained, independent & tailored to suit a range of purposes, from a nice area just to relax up to a fully functioning home office or work place.

Simpler versions of the Sun-room allow use of smaller garden areas, whilst the very latest in garden lodges can be sophisticated and visually stunning.

Fully fitted Garden Room prices can vary greatly dependent on what type & size of building you opt for – clearly, you can expect to pay more for a “high-end” lodge than for a simple sun-room.

garden rooms

The most recent garden & sun room designs can be a cost effective alternative to re-modelling your house to get extra living space. You can include options such as tiled or composite panel roofing, underfloor heating systems, thermal insulation, air conditioning and many other specialised features.


Fully secure multi-point locks on doors and locking catches on window openers mean that you can be confident that your conservatory is not a weak point for intruders & you can also include toughened safety glass in vulnerable areas.


  • independent, weather proof & secure
  • low cost option for extra space
  • some can be fitted in a few days
  • double glazed or even triple glazed
  • many don’t require planning permission
  • Solar & safety glass options
  • hardwood or uPVC options. Alternative finishes & colours
  • can be a study, work or playroom, studio, sun lounge

You Can Add Value to Your Home With Garden Rooms

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